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Building a beautiful community

Housing and Transportation 

Nature and the Environment

Community Resilience

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Who I am and

Why I'm running

I'm running for the Los Gatos Town Council to build a beautiful community.


I grew up in Los Gatos: I love this community. I love our downtown, our community feel, and our connection to nature. But I also recognize that our town is not perfect. We face serious housing issues, challenges to our town's democracy, major transportation and traffic problems, and economic obstacles, not to mention racial, economic, and social divisions. 

As a young person who calls Los Gatos home, I am deeply invested in ensuring the best possible future for our Town. I want to ensure that young families can raise their children in Los Gatos without having to struggle to pay their rent or mortgage. I want to see sidewalks where these kids can walk to school and parks where we can gather as a community. 


I believe in the future of Los Gatos. I am committed to doing the work it will take to make this community as beautiful as it can be. 


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