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Creating a beautiful community

Housing and 

Nature and the Environment

Community Resilience

Community-Centered Leadership

I'm running for the Los Gatos Town Council to build a beautiful community for generations to come. 

I grew up in Los Gatos and have spent my whole life here. Like anyone who has spent much time in Los Gatos, I love this community. I love our connection to nature, our vibrant downtown, our exceptional schools, and our community feel. But I also recognize that our town is not perfect. We face serious issues in the years ahead that need to be addressed with care and responsibility. From housing affordability to traffic and transit to economic uncertainty, there is work to be done. 

As a younger person who plans to live in Los Gatos for the coming decades, I am deeply invested in tackling our community’s biggest challenges. I have served our town in numerous ways over the years, sitting on town commissions and organizing my neighbors to attend important Town Council meetings. Professionally, I have worked at all levels of government, taught in the classroom as a substitute teacher, and now work as a manager at a local nonprofit organization. 

I believe I have the energy, experience, and integrity that our town government needs right now. With your support, we can achieve our shared vision for the future of Los Gatos. 


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